IMK Data


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The IMK operates a variety of instruments and models, all of which describe different parameters of the atmosphere and the environment.

  • ground-based measurements
  • airborne measurements
  • aerosol chamber
  • Model results

A central access to these data and related services is provided by the ATMO Hub. The ATMO Hub is part of the data infrastructure of the Helmholtz Research Field Earth and Environment, the so-called Data Hub. In addition to the ATMO Hub, this includes the data of the other participating Helmholtz centers in the research field of marine research(MARE Hub) and terrestrial research(TERRA Hub). At KIT, the ATMO Hub is jointly operated by colleagues from the IMK and the Computer Center (SCC) as well as the library. The ATMO Hub is currently still under construction, so that central access to the data will only be possible in the near future.

Data flow

Generalized data flow schema

Before research data can be made available via the ATMO Hub, some preliminary work is required. A generic representation of the data flow of the data collected in the ATMO Hub is shown in the data flow diagram (right). The data undergoes a progression from data generation, to metadata management, to quality control, to publishing or making it usable by third parties. Several KIT storage systems (e.g., LSDF, bwDataArchive, or RADAR4KIT) are used to store the various stages of development.