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Karlsruhe Meteorological Colloquium

Academics: Prof. Dr. Ch. Kottmeier, Prof. Dr. J. Orphal, Prof. Dr. T. Leisner, Prof. Dr. P. Braesicke, Prof. Dr. A. Fink, PD Dr. M. Höpfner, Prof. Dr. C. Hoose, Prof. Dr. P. Knippertz, PD Dr. M. Kunz, Prof. Dr. J. Pinto 

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Optical properties of mineral dust particles
Apr. 26, 2018, 16:15 - 17:00
CN, IMK-TRO, Geb. 435, Raum 2.05

Dear all,


From 25.04-27.04  (next week Wednesday to Friday) at IMK-TRO we will host Dr. Claudia Di Biagio from CNRS, LISA (Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systemes Atmospheriques) in Creteil, France. Claudia’s research is mostly devoted to assess the direct radiative effect of atmospheric aerosols by investigating the spectral optical properties of aerosols and their variability as a function of the particle sources, production mechanisms, and atmospheric aging.  


Dr. Di Biagio will give a seminar on 26.04 at 16:15 in Room 2.05 (Building 435 CN right after the IMK-TRO seminar) about her recent measurement campaign on optical properties of mineral dust particles. 


Best regards

Ali Hoshyaripour

This event is part of the eventgroup tropospheric research seminar
Dr. Claudia Di Biagio

from CNRS, LISA (Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systemes Atmospheriques)
Scientific Staff
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"CS" - KIT-Campus Süd (Universität), Gebäude 30.23 (Physikhochhaus), Seminarraum 13/2

"CN" - KIT-Campus Nord (Forschungszentrum), Gebäude 435 (IMK), Raum 2.05

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